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   Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and help. You are ONE inspirational person.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.  I am very excited about life and all it has to offer.  The picture below was taken with a $10 disposable camera a few years back while hiking on Marble Mountain in Newfoundland.  Although it is not perfect, it depicts my view of a typical path, filled with the unknown.

I struggled with using this picture on the website until I realized that like business sometimes things aren’t perfect.  This picture represents the honesty and integrity of following a path which is truly your own.  Perfection will come with time and experience. Sometimes it’s important to start with what you have today, because your path may take some exploring to discover and it certainly is not likely to be a straight line.  So with no excuses I use the picture not because of its high quality or marketing value, but because it reminds me that all paths are different and opportunities often come from the unexpected. 

I have been blessed, fortunate to have met great people along my journey and have a great supportive family.

I personally wish that you have the courage to pursue your dreams, with the conviction to move forward knowing that life will give you whatever you ask
of it.  If you make a decision to devote
yourself to follow your path, be unique
and have a little faith, you will succeed!

Kind Regards,



Jim Murdoch, MechTech Drafting Services

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